All I can do is keep breathing.


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Sun is shining. blue sky. and I'm sitting here. how I hate being alone. (....edited) (..) I just wanna be far away from here. leaving this shit behind. somehwere. where i can be free. free from pain, tears and telling lies. lies like " I'm fine". I'm not. I do not belong here. it's always funny to see how many people like me. the fake me. they don't know me for real. --------lost and insecure---------- where are you? you don't want to find me , I guess.Wish I could disappear. to a better place. guess you're all outside now, with friends, having fun or anything. i'm not. no one asked me. no one to ask. Maybe in the end everyone ends up alone. Maybe, maybe, maybe. I'm sick of it. fat, ugly, disturbed me. still waiting, searching for nothing. sometimes I wonder if there's anyone thinking of me. guess not. I wanna be a hero. Wanna be somebody. I wanna be the best, the greatest to anyone out there. I'll give my heart, my trust, my life. I'll do anything. I wanna be important. Why am I still here? Fuck it. I'm sick and tired.
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